Our Principles

  • Focus on Clients - We aim to provide a service that is driven by the needs and aspirations of our Clients by listening to them


  • Comprehensiveness - We aim to provide a package of Care and Support, working with other agencies, to meet the needs and preferences of our Clients


  • Meeting Assessed Needs - The Care and Support we provide is based on the thorough assessment of needs and the systematic and ongoing planning of care for each individual Client, made in conjunction with Care Managers and other Health & Social Care Professionals

  • Fit for Purpose - We are committed to achieving our stated aims and objectives through reviewing our service. We welcome feedback from our Clients and their representatives

  • Quality Services - We are committed to providing a high quality service and to continuous improvement of the Care and Support we provide


Privacy and Dignity

We strive to preserve Privacy, Dignity and Respect for our clients by ensuring that all our staff, no matter what their role, are familiar with the meaning of 'Dignity'. Each staff member is required to complete the training to become 'Dignity Champions' for our organisation.


We strive to retain as much privacy as possible for our Clients in the following ways:

  • Giving help to personal situations as discreetly as possible

  • Guaranteeing clients privacy when using the telephone, opening and reading post, and communicating with friends, relatives and advisors

  • Ensuring the confidentiality of information that we hold about our clients

Independence and Choice

All clients are encouraged to maintain as much independence and individuality as possible by:

  • Encouraging clients to contribute to their own care and support


  • Providing as tactfully as possible, human or technical assistance when it is needed


  • Maximising our Clients' abilities for self-care by encouraging independent interaction with others and daily living tasks


  • Helping clients take reasonable and fully assessed risks


  • Promoting opportunities for clients to establish and retain contacts beyond their home


  • Encouraging choice in their selection of organisations who support them


  • To manage our service so far as possible to the client's preferences as regards to the staff that support them


  • Avoiding wherever possible treating clients as a homogeneous group

Last Inspected on the 5th July 2018


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